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Remedy National Park Collection

Our National Parks are natural treasures, providing spaces to be free, to find healing, and to recharge. Each National Park is clearly different from the next, and each one has its own unique landscape and palette, as well as an exclusive climate and ecosystem. 

With this in mind, this collection seeks to capture the distinct atmosphere each National Park has to offer and to embody the explorations that foster the relationship between people and the lands they love. As one would experience during a visit to the parks, our collection seeks to provide variety, while capturing the specific aspects which define one land from the next.

Showcase your love of the outdoors and our lands with this collection of face shields from the Remedy x Toepos National Parks collection. These gaiters can be worn a dozen different ways – from neck warmer to headband – and can keep the sun and wind off your neck and face while you're on the water or in the elements. They are incredibly soft and comfortable, and great to have in the heat as well as the cold. They provide protection from the sun at all times, help keep you cool when they're wet, and knock the chill out of the air when you're out in the cold.