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Rio Grande Cichlid Flag Decal

Remedy Provisions

Rio Grande Cichlid Flag Decal

$ 6.00

The Fish Flag Series lets you represent your favorite species of fish with a symbolic flag that highlights the unique aspects of that specific fish. 

The Rio Grande Cichlid Flag features the essential colors of these awesome fish. If you get a Cichlid angry, their head will turn color...represented by the colored bars in the background of the flag fading from olive/green to cream/white. Many lighter colored Cichlids have vertical bars (3 of which are seen on the flag since it is in the "body" of the fish.) Males also develop a hump on their head which technically isn't on the flag, but with the positioning of the know it's there! And then...the turquoise spots! When you land a Rio, it almost looks like you're holding the Milky Way Galaxy in your hand!

5" X 3" Decal printed on High quality, weather resistant vinyl. Great for coolers, vehicles, coolers, tumblers, etc. Dishwasher safe and very durable. 

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