Fish Flags

Fish Flags

The Fish Flag Collection from Remedy Provisions is a unique set of designs that symbolically represent species we love. Whether it’s cold water trout, warm water bass, or saltwater species, Remedy Flags are sure to remind you of time on the water pursuing your favorite fish.

Each flag consists of the essential colors and markings of the fish that it represents. The idea behind each design is to make it as simple as possible, yet still communicate enough information for the design to be recognized. Oftentimes anglers will see the design and immediately know the species it represents. Non-anglers consistently ask about the designs when they see them, and great conversations ensue.

Here are some of our favorite flag designs:

Brown Trout Flag

Brown Trout are near and dear to anglers. They are usually the dominant predator in their waters, and there isn’t much more exciting that seeing a big, shadowy beast come out from an undercut bank to slam your fly.

The Brown Trout Flag has 4 horizontal bars of color – starting with the Brownish-Olive on top and fading to the buttery-yellow we all love on the bottom. The spot of the Brown Trout are represented – black with grey halos and red with light blue.


Smallmouth Flag

The Bronze Warrior is an amazing fish that will put up a fight that will surprise you. These fish are feisty, and the Smallmouth Flag has an aggressive look to it. The Orange/Red circle represents the eye of the fish – which often have a Red-Orange color to it. The Stripes represent the “War Paint” of the Smallmouth – the rays emanating from behind the eye across the gill plate. The Smallmouth flag almost has a military feel to it – with markings that look like they would be right at home on a fighter plane. That seems fitting and definitely portrays the attitude of this fish.


Redfish Flag

There aren’t many fish that are more easily recognized than the Red Drum. The tail tells the tale! There’s just something different about fish in the salt. They’re meaner, stronger, and can whoop you if you’re not on your game.

The Redfish Flag features the iconic black spot with a slight white/grey halo, and the rays of blue on the tail that is often prevalent in these incredible fish.

What fish do you think needs to have a flag? We would love to hear what you think! Check out the entire Fish and Fowl Flat collection, and LET US KNOW what flag needs to be designed next!

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