Cutthroat Trout Hat

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The Cutthroat Trout hat has the essential colors of the Cutthroat, with each of the black spots representing the 14 sub-species and the 4 rows representing the geographical groups. The bright red "Half Moon" on the left side of the patch represents the cheek of the trout with the lighter band outside of that signifying the "cut" under the chin these fish are known for.

These high-quality, 5 panel trucker hats feature an embroidered patch of the Cutthroat Trout flag with a black underbill to cut glare when you're on the water.


  • Charcoal Flannel with Leather Strap (Big Noggin)
  • Crimson Flannel with Leather Strap (Big Noggin)
  • Olive/Khaki Mesh (Regular & Big Noggin)
  • Latte/Black Mesh (Big Noggin)
  • Olive UV Lite SPF 50+ (Regular & Big Noggin)

    Big Noggin fit is about a size 7 1/2 with all snaps closed.

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